A few of our researchers have recorded a brief video explaining their research relating to the AThEME research themes.

Regional Languages

Language change by language contact? Naturally, but selectively!

Norbert Corver |  Universiteit Utrecht, NL

Gallo: bilingualism and dialectal variation

Samantha Becerra Zita | Université de Nantes, FR

Regional languages under contact

Ricardo Etxepare | Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FR

Heritage Languages

Understanding heritage language acquisition: the case of heritage Korean

Jiyoung Choi | Université de Nantes, FR

The acquisition of German by bilingual children

Janet Grijzenhout Universiteit Leiden, NL

Communicative Impairment

Bilingualism in healthy and pathological aging

Marco Calabria | Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ES

Artificial grammars and the nature of language

Diego Gabriel Krivochen University of Reading, UK

Language practices in a nursing home

Jolien Makkinga Meertens Instituut, NL

Multilingualism: an opportunity also for dyslexic children

Maria Vender Universitá di Verona, IT

Being Multilingual

Communication with foreign-accented speakers

Cristina Baus Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ES

Mutual effects of language and cognition in bilinguals

Michela Bonfieni | University of Edinburgh, UK

How do (multilingual) speakers adapt to each other’s linguistic choices in conversation?

Timea Kutasi | University of Edinburgh, UK

Processing of foreign-accented speech

Niels Schiller | Universiteit Leiden, NL

How languages label the world in different ways

Ellise Suffill | University of Edinburgh, UK