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What usage can do: The effect of language dominance on simultaneous bilinguals’ morphosyntactic processing (Feb 2016)

Researchers investigated early bilinguals (bilingual in Spanish and Basque from birth), and tested their processing of Spanish. Though all participants achieved high level proficiency, those who are “Spanish-dominant” due to daily use showed different processing from those who are “Basque-dominant” (due to daily use). The study concludes that language dominance (through daily use) is an […]

International conference ‘Language contact from an I-language perspective’, also online!

Title: LANGUAGE CONTACT FROM AN I-LANGUAGE PERSPECTIVE This international conference aims at being a showcase for the latest contributions and advances in our understanding of contact related language change and language development. When: Thursday 27 (09:30am – 01:00pm) & Friday 28 (03:00pm – 06:00pm), October 2016 Where: Auditorium Antonio Beristain, UPV/EHU, Donostia – San Sebastián […]

Visit AThEME at the DRONGO language festival 2016

On Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1, 2016 several AThEME researchers will present their research at the DRONGO language festival in The Netherlands. This year the DRONGO language festival celebrates its fifth edition in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The festival brings together all kinds of different sectors from the language industry. AThEME researchers from […]

Summer 2016 issue of the AThEME newsletter – out now!

The fourth issue of the AThEME e-newsletter gives a wealth of information about what our researchers and dissemination partners have been up to these last couple of months. As always, the newsletter includes updates on research, dissemination activities and news of upcoming events. This issue’s Meet the Researcher section features AThEME researcher Constantin Freitag from the University […]

Processing changes when listening to foreign-accented speech (June 2015)

This article investigates the mechanisms responsible for fast changes in processing foreign-accented speech. Overall, our results suggest that, despite a lack of improvement in phonetic discrimination, native listeners experience changes at lexical-semantic levels of processing after brief exposure to foreign-accented speech. Moreover, these results suggest that lexical access, semantic integration and linguistic re-analysis processes are permeable […]

Call for papers! – International conference Language Contact from an I-language Perspective

On the 27th – 28th of October 2016 AThEME partner IKER will organize an international conference Language contact from an I-language Perspective in Donostia-San Sebastián. The conference, which is funded by the European research project AThEME, aims to showcase the latest contributions and advances in our understanding of contact related language change and language development. […]

State of the Art Report on Grammatical Diversity of Regional Languages (May 2015)

In this report the AThEME partners working on research theme ‘Regional Languages’ have provided an overview of grammatical diversity in the minority languages and dialects they are investigating. The report offers an overview of language variation between the minority languages and the majority languages that they are in contact with and defines an agenda for research […]

State of the Art Report on Maintenance of Regional Bilingualism (Feb 2015)

The main objective of the report is to make available, in a single document, a selection of the most important information about the maintenance of regional bilingualism by the different ‘Regional Languages’ research groups and their language varieties of study: Basque, Dutch, Fiuman, Gallo, Sardinian, Primorska Slovenian and varieties spoken in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. Information deemed relevant […]

Working Paper on Emerging Multiethnic Dialects (Feb 2015)

This state-of-the-art paper discusses new forms of languages that have emerged in multilingual areas of European cities (these new styles are known as multiethnolects). The paper reviews research from the past decade and explores sociological attitudes towards these language variants and was published as part of Queen Mary Occasional Papers Advancing Linguistics. Working Paper on Emerging Multiethnic Dialects (pdf)

AThEME Flyer (2014)

AThEME is a five-year long EU-funded research project, bringing together world-class linguists from all over Europe. Together, they aim to increase our understanding of what it means to speak multiple languages in Europe today.   AThEME Flyer